How You Can Use Rack Mount Chassis to Protect Your Electronic Modules

24 Oct

Rack mount chassis are frames that are used for holding electronic modules such as processors and hard discs. The rack mount chassis are frames can be able to be fit into racks which have the size of nineteen inches. They can also be used for holding visualization walls and also I/O cards. It is possible for them to fit in a single rack unit or two or more shelves. There are different types of rack mount chassis that can be used depending on the different types of needs that you may be having. You should choose the most preferable rack mount chassis depending on your needs and specifications for the safety of your electronic modules and some of them are listed in this article.

The 1U can be fitted perfectly in one shelf on the rack. Such can be used to support both the single and dual processors because they have a height of one point seven five inches. Such also have the lowest chassis profiles. The 2U type can cover two of the shelves in your rack. They can be able to support a quad processor system and they also have double the capacity like that of the 1U. They have a depth of almost twenty four inches and a height of three point five inches. For the 3U and 4U, they can be used on a number of three or four shelves because they are the best for cluster applications that should use more than one I/O cards, high speed networks and video cards.

Regardless if you are using the 1U, 2U or the 3U/4U, you should strive to ensure that they are totally compatible with the kind of rack mount server that you have. It is also important for you to consider the kind of cluster application that you have before purchasing the best tack mount chassis to use. The other important factor to consider should be that of choosing a chassis that is made of either steel of aluminium which can be able to resist heat and any extreme changes in the temperature. You should always remember that acquiring a durable chassis can be of more benefit when it comes to protecting your electrical modules than one that is not so durable and more so during the time when it is being shipped and any other kind of handling. Read more now!

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